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Personalised Executive Search of top Management

We get the job done, within 30-days of confirmation of search as well as within budget, by shortlisting qualified and available top Management candidates.

  • An intensive, exclusive and confidential search including assessment-profiling, to find the best available talent the market has to offer, by applying cold-calling as well as search engine optimisation, aggregator campaigns, and paid search bidding.
  • Applicable for positions such as General Manager, Financial Controller, Director of Sales, Executive Chef and F&B Manager.

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What is it that we do?

  • We prepare and agree with you on a search profile of the desired Candidate and advise and confirm on benchmarked as well as ideal package conditions up front.
  • Please appreciate we take a consultative approach, by being honest and up-front, and will only do the search when we agree on a realistic Candidate profile and/or competitive compensation package.

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  • We actively conduct a 30-days search through (cold-) calling qualified Candidates listed in our global network and our database.
  • Also, we also publish the search through additional paid Job-Board engines and external access databases.
  • We perform a CV screening, present to you an initial short list of qualified Candidates and follow-up with, at first, with a formal “Skill-Set & Personality” assessment, followed by a personal interview through video conference of the Candidates shortlisted by you.

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  • Reference checking is performed by us of the final and chosen Candidate.
  • Upon start of work by the placed Candidate, a free recruitment service is offered within a 3-months trial period when a Candidate leaves by itself or is dismissed for a legitimate reason, pending our fee has been paid on time and in full.

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What does it cost?

  • Offered at a non-refundable advance retainer per search, and a success fee per completed Executive Search.
  • The success fee is charged and payable upon contract signature by Client and Candidate – not upon the start of work by Candidate, or after a contracted trial period.
  • The success fee is based on the annual gross salary exclusive of employer contribution, benefits and bonus.

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Why do we charge a non-refundable retainer for Executive Search?

  • Your retainer is spent on optimising the search, through a paid advertisement on a professional or region-specific job-search engine and accessing external databases.
  • Advertisements on mentioned paid job-search engines can benefit from additional search engine optimisation which draws relevant traffic, further aggregator campaigns, targeted shots which invite selected Candidates to apply on-site, paid search bidding on keywords which guarantee relevant search engine click-throughs.

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What is the next step?

  • Contact us for a preliminary and free consultation to discuss and mutually plan the next steps.
  • We will e-mail to you a work-order, position guideline and invoice for the retainer, and get to work once you have confirmed these and have paid the retainer.

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Hotel Talent Search is operated by Gransier & Associates, which is a Business Advisory firm based in Vienna, Austria.
Please contact us today to discuss your needs and how we may assist you.

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