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Hospitality Recruitment Channel Manager

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Your own Customised Job-Widget to connect your website with up to 100 Job-Boards, to post UNLIMITED Job-Ads at any time - without if, when and but!

  • A cloud-based Hospitality Recruitment Channel Manager, to spread the word by distributing your Job-Ads to a multitude of free and paid Job-Boards!
  • Access to all your Job-Applicants also into the future, so when a new job opens up you do not even have to recruit again - all you need to do is select the right Job-Applicants from the Database
  • Recruitment made easy without worry about GDPR - it's that simple!

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Fees - you'll be surprised how easy and affordable recruitment can be!

Advertise 1 - 3 jobs for Rank & File staff, only when you need it, we do the job-uploading and you handle all applications by yourself.

  • FREE:  Maximum 1 Job-Ad per month, for 30 days, for 1 hotel/restaurant, published on Hotel Talent Search
  • € 33: Per 1 Job-Ad for 30 days, for 1 hotel/restaurant, published on Hotel Talent Search, Indeed, Glassdoor, Jooble, B4Work and Trovit.
  • € 66: Per 3 Job-Ads for 30 days, for 1 hotel/restaurant, published on Hotel Talent Search, Indeed, Glassdoor, Jooble, B4Work, and Trovit.

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UNLIMITED Job-Ads per month, for up to 10 hotels/restaurants and distribution to up to 100 Job-Boards.

€ 99 per month only (billed per year), and inclusive off: Your own job-widget to place on your website, self-service access to the Automated Application Process System, access to a Talent Database of Job-Applicants, a dedicated Talent Page on Hotel Talent Search, and promotion of your hotel/restaurant by Hotel Talent Search to students and alumni of Swiss Hotel Schools, and ​GDPR-Training & Technical Set-Up included for 1 hotel/restaurant. Any extra hotels/restaurants are charged a single - once only - fee of € 199.

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Multi-Channel Job Posting

Social Media Presence

  • FREE Career Page in the name of your hotel or restaurant, hosted by Hotel Talent Search, through which you can reach all of Hotel Talent Search following beyond your Job-Applicants!
  • Engage your existing team members, to promote your hotel or restaurant online, as they are the people who know and admire your hotel or restaurant the most, so you provide exciting and engaging content for your Job-Applicants!

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Talent Relationship Management

  • Handle the communication process with each Candidate on an individual basis, keeping them informed at every stage of the application - without a mistake or hassle!
  • Not everyone can be hired; some may have to wait for the next opportunity to join your hotel or restaurant. Which is why our Talent Relationship Management system will "WOW" all Candidates, even if you won't hire them, so they will keep faith in your brand, and make referrals to other Candidates.

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GDPR-Compliant & Dynamic Talent Database

  • Enjoy access to the Hotel Talent Search GDPR compliant Database of all your Applicants, so you can reach out to them when a new job needs to be filled.
  • With each new vacancy, simply search the database using key-words to find the ideal Candidate in record time.

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Recruitment from Swiss Hotel Schools

  • Hotel Talent Search can promote supervisor and junior management jobs to international students and graduates from the Swiss Hotel Management Schools “Les Roches” and "Glion", who seek their first job upon graduation, or paid internships of up to 6-months.
  • Mid-Level and Senior Hotel Management opportunities, also, can be promoted to the Alumni Database of both hotel management schools "Les Roches and "Glion".

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And there is a lot more we can do to help you!

  • Recommended, yet upon request only, we can help you with an Employer Branding Workshop to develop the best possible Talent Strategy for your hotel or restaurant including production one company presentation video and four video testimonials on the hotel website.
  • We help you to change your existing HR structure to a Talent Strategy aligned with your marketing goals and EBITDA targets: Organisation & FTE Planning (Full Time Equivalent Staff), base-salaries and performance led benefits and bonuses, and Modern Leadership skills.

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Hotel Talent Search is operated by Gransier & Associates, which is a Business Advisory firm based in Vienna, Austria.
Please contact us today to discuss your needs and how we may assist you.

Call us on +43-1-548-4381, or contact us via the contact formPlease do not use this for job-applications!
To apply for a job go to our CAREER SEARCH page and follow the application instructions per job.