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Candidate Registration

Candidate Registration

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More Information

Are you a hotel or restaurant management professional seeking to advance your career?

Do you have experience with, and do you aspire to work with hotels or restaurants which are a member of or similar to  Relais & Chateaux™, Small Luxury Hotels of the World™, the Leading Hotels of the World™, Preferred Hotels & Resorts™, or the Autograph Collection™, the Luxury Collection™ and Design Hotels™ by Marriott™?

Must-have qualifications

  • For vacancies in the EU, Candidates MUST have an EU passport. Unless you comply with this requirement your application will NOT be considered
  • Candidates must have gained professional experience in the hospitality industry, with international hotels or restaurants.
  • Candidates must speak and write, besides their native language, fluent English. Candidates who speak and also write German, or French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese are recommended to mention this clearly in their CV.

Please, submit your CV today!

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

When you apply for a job, or only register yourself as a potential Candidate your data will be registered onto our Applicant's system. The privacy of your Personal Data is governed in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • We will never process, including disclosure of, your Personal Data to anyone, except when you authorise us to do so. This means that your Personal Data will only be used for the jobs you apply for and will be accessible only to Hotel Talent Search and the Employer you have submitted an application to.
  • We will never check your references without your prior agreement.
  • We will contact you on a regular basis to ask you to update your Personal Data on your career profile.

Please, submit your CV today!

  • Your CV needs to include all the necessary and relevant information in regard to the performance of the job which is being applied for. This does not include your nationality, passport or marital status and if you have children or sensitive information such as political views or membership in organisations and your health.
  • Unless you no longer keep your CV updated, we will remove your details from our Database.
  • If you wish to have your details removed from our Database, simply contact us by e-mail requesting for removal of your Private Data, and enclose a readable copy of your valid ID (passport, ID-card - not driving license) to validate your request.

Please, submit your CV today!

An open word about good manners in recruiting

  • Hotel Talent Search asks Applicants to give serious thought, study the job requirements well (professional qualifications, years of experience, languages and passport) and if need be to consult with friends and relatives if the job on offer is the right career step.
  • If in doubt, please, do not just “Click & Apply” as you will not be doing yourself the credit you deserve.

Please, submit your CV today!

  • Please, be available and check your incoming emails daily to see if you have received a response.
  • Hotel Talent Search will confirm receipt of each application by return e-mail, and in case the Client will take the job-application further, the Applicant will be contacted when longlisted, shortlisted and eventually either accepted as the final Candidate or declined.

Please, submit your CV today!

  • Hotel Talent Search advises its Clients to respond to applications within 14-days of receipt, latest by the 30th day of receipt of the application. If you do not hear back by then, please contact Hotel Talent Search by e-mail and mention when you have applied, for which job and with which employer, and we will make an inquiry with the Client about the status of your application.
  • If you believe your application has been treated inappropriately, please, contact Hotel Talent Search by e-mail, tell us your story, and we will look into with your best interest in mind.

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  • We suggest, also, you visit us on LinkedIn, and follow our career page, so you stay informed when a new opportunity will be posted!
  • When you see an opportunity which you both like, and for which you believe in meeting the qualifications (Passport, language and skill-set), then please apply through the job-link!

Please, submit your CV today!